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Researcher under lampAs one of the world’s top research universities, UC San Diego partners with the federal government, industry, foundations and other organizations to conduct research that leads to life-saving treatments, innovative technological developments and a constant stream of game-changing discoveries that provide economic and other practical benefits for our nation and local community.

Sponsored Research

With a $1.16 billion research program, including $153 million in industry funding, UC San Diego ranks 5th in the nation among research programs. Our exceptional scientific and research output makes us influencers — people who help define conversations about big ideas and new concepts that advance business and society.

Collaboration, Faculty Training and Guest Lectures

UC San Diego encourages faculty to participate in cross-campus activities that contribute to the betterment of our society. We see great value in activities that advance knowledge beyond campus through interaction with industry, the community and the public.

Research Centers

UC San Diego is unique in our cross-campus collaboration and multidisciplinary research, which is generally conducted through interdisciplinary centers that are highly responsive to industry for their relevance, talent and impact.

Advisory Boards

Opportunities across campus that provide key leadership and sage counsel in advancing the mission of the school, influencing the direction of curriculum and student programming, and engaging with campus and industry leadership to advance the 21st century global economy.

License/ Intellectual Property

The Office of Innovation and Commercialization oversees and accelerates the commercialization of UC San Diego innovations, while contributing to a sustainable society by empowering a diverse entrepreneurial culture on campus and strengthening a dynamic innovation ecosystem.